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Davin Michael Stedman "Free Your Mind" with Anthony Red Rose feat Sly & Robbie, Lenky Marsden

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Sly and Robbie, along with producer Anthony Red Rose, have done it again with the new single "Free Your Mind" by Davin Michael Steadman.
Sly and Robbie are two iconic, innovating musicians that have changed music over and over throughout the years, influencing and even creating the initial groves for genres like reggae, dancehall, hip hop and pop. Along the way they have played together on over two hundred thousand songs in genres way beyond reggae. Besides almost every reggae singer you can name or think of they have produced for Mick Jagger, Gwen Stefoni, Bob Dylan, Michael Franti, Paul McCartney and Britney Spears are a few of the others on that list.

The debut single "Free Your Mind" by Davin Michael Steadman is no exception. It mixes the best of Steadman's acoustic/vocal introspection, Sly Dunbar's pop-infused dancehall beats, Robbie Shakespeare's thundering rock solid bass, and the smooth chanting of Jamaican dancehall pioneer Anthony Red Rose. Lenky Marsden added a litte more flavor to it. Lenky is most known for his production of some if Sean Paul's biggest hits as well as being a producer and band member of Buju Banton's.

Executively produced by Bluejay Hankins (aka DJ Sticky) and out now from Sick Donkey Records, "Free your mind" is a song that has a chance at topping more than just one chart.