Debut album:

"Digital Takeover"
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  Indigitize is the brainchild of two Seattle music scene icons, Stingshark and Adrian Xavier that have come together to activate their musical talents into conscious intention and action on the planet. The duo have known each other for over 20 years. In 1994, Stingshark helped Adrian produce his first EP. Stingshark has been playing gigs in Seattle under his own name as well as with Marmalade, Role One, Altered States Of Funk, Phat Sidy Smokehouse and others. 

  The project openly melds old school funk and reggae ethics with modern beat making technology. Indigitize maintains a modern digital sound that keeps its base in roots reggae and explores our place in the universe fusing many music elements including funk, Latin, R&B and Reggaeton and Hip-Hop. The name Indigitize represents the desire to maintain connection to indigenous roots and culture, while we progress into this digital world that surrounds us. All people can trace their roots to indigenous ways of life. It's only been in the last few generations that people began losing the connection to land, language and tradition. Indigitize is bringing the roots into the future.

  The sound of Indigitize represents the maverick nature of Seattle's music community from the vibrant hip-hop scene of today, to the hardcore grunge era and as far back as the psychedelic rock of Seattle-born Jimi Hendrix. The production showcases many of Seattle's greatest musicians combined with the tireless production work from Stingshark. The songs were produced at Fu-Rock studio in Seattle and it represents the highest of music industry standards. The release was mastered by Ed Brooks (REM, Pearl Jam) at RFI Mastering.

  Adrian and Stingshark both being longtime friends of Sick Donkey Records founder BlueJay made for a natural fit to release this ground breaking debut album on the label.