As far back as biblical times donkeys have been utilized and noted for their diligence and capabilities to work ceaselessly while carrying a heavy load. Farmers had donkeys to help plow their fields, travelers rode donkeys long distances over treacherous terrain, merchants led donkeys that packed their goods, etc.
  Over time the donkeys grew old and tired, but as long as they were healthy they were happy to aid their companions/handlers. When a donkey fell ill it was usually due to being mistreated or uncared for. A sick donkey was one that was overworked and underfed, abused and neglected.
  In this case the sick donkey represents an unrelenting drive to carry the heaviest load and push forward despite the neglect of society. To aid humanity in all aspects and show that even a sick donkey can be an unstoppable force, pushing forward through the ailments of babylon to consciously display a positive attitude while never giving up!
  Sick Donkey Records is the donkey that is going to show the world the value of dedication & determination through the pitfalls of society by rising and overcoming the dis-ease; bringing forth the love when it seems that no one cares anymore!