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  Trans.formation is the hip-hop producer/mc duo of Wunderflo (Germany) & Essential I.

       The long-awaited debut album (a free release) titled Meta.morphosis is a collection of tracks created between the years of 2004 and 2010.  2014 marks a decade long journey of completion in the cycle of 100% independent, organically created, avant garde, purely hip-hop music.  

       All instrumentals were produced and all vocals were recorded prior to 2010, and the 4 proceeding years have been spent balancing the trials and challenges of everyday life with mixing, mastering, innovating and upgrading the works for their imminent release.  

   This project represents not only a musical, but also a human metamorphosis.  Symbolizing growth and change.  Although the tracks are a bit older, they are far from outdated and in fact remain mostly relevant today.

       The objective of the album is to provide some real, underground, undiluted hip-hop with powerful messages as well as positive, fun vibes.  All of this in an experimental and cutting edge way that has no real parallel in the world of hip-hop today.

       The name Trans.formation stands for transfer of information.  A reference to the way this project was created entirely via online communication as Essential I & Wunderflo have never been in the same studio room, let alone in the same country together.

       The title Meta.morphosis describes a metaphorical metamorphosis as two young artists embarked on the journey of life, constantly maturing and ultimately emerging renewed and ready to take flight.

       We are happy to present this project for free and hope that it will inspire listeners.